February 20, 2014

Finding time to read (and blog)

So, my second term at college had begun last week and this semester I'll be having 8 to 4 schedule everyday, just like every school students and workers out there, right? Fantastic! (NO). This is not going to be a whine post, don't you worry, but as I'm trying to keep my goal (or self-promise) in updating this blog at least 5 times a month, I've been wondering about this question a lot:

I know that there are lots of you, my book blogging friends, who's currently still in school, or work at a company, or a college student like me. Between the hours you spend doing the 7 to 3, 8 to 4, or 9 to 5 routine (not to mention the LOADS of home assignments you have to do, or extra works that you have to bring home, which I know must takes A LOT of time), hanging out socializing with friends and family, having to take care of your home (your own room, your family matters, your husband, or kids, even?), how do you find time for reading? And blogging! I'm always amazed at those who seems to be able to blog consistently AND regularly, no matter what happens in their real life! I know lots of you who do. Over 20 posts every month, maybe even 2 or 3 posts in a day... I mean, WOW. It must required a lot of self-discipline (another thing that I lack of, that is!). How do you do it?

In high school, I usually read in the bus that I took every morning and evening. The ride was about an hour (two hours, top) and in that 60 minutes timespan, between dozing off, catching up with sleep or daydreaming in the seat (that is IF I got a seat!), I could read quite lot of pages peacefully. But now since I'm using commuter trains to go to university, and the probability of getting a seat in the train seems much more impossible than seeing a unicorn (I swear, the trains & commuters in Indonesia are the WORST), well, no reading time for me. I rarely read between classes too, because I won't be able to concentrate enough and always seems to be in conversation with my friends, so I usually finish a book at night. When it should be preserved for SLEEPING instead of reading. I will stay up late, sometimes even until 3 or 4 am, and then get up at 5 to get ready again, coming to classes with a zombie-like brain and face, guaranteed.

What about YOU? 
How's your day to day routine? 
When do you usually read? 
Can you read between classes? Do you like to sneak time to read a few pages at work when your boss isn't around? *grins* 
At what time do you prefer to catch up with your books? Are you a day reader, or a night reader like me? Or are you that kind of reader, who have no problem in reading anywhere, anytime, in any situation?

I want to know your secret! It took me quite a long time to write one post, usually about an hour or so, and after a long day, sometimes just thinking about it already put me in a mini stress before I even sit in front of the screen (ha!). This is why I failed big time in updating IPR last year, with me still trying to adapt into a new situation (college life! hullooooo), I simply did not have that much time to write. Even when I have time, I usually felt too tired to make a proper post :|

Since the beginning of the year, I've been learning to schedule my posts ahead of time (mostly two days before the 'publish date') to keep up. It's good because I get to post RIGHT after I finish a book, so my reactions, opinions, and thoughts about the book are still fresh, and I found it easier to review a book that way (instead of having to remember what I think about a book that I've read some days before). That's when I was on a holiday, by the way. Now since college has started again, I think I'll rely heavily on my red notebook (thank you, Santa!) to write my initial reactions after I finish a story, and then I'll write a full, proper review later when I find enough time (read: weekend). Apparently having a blogging note helps A LOT! :D

So what's YOUR secret in updating your blog regularly? 
How many updates do you usually post in a month? How much do you think is the ideal number for a blog to update (either with reviews, memes, discussions) to keep you interested in coming and checking the blog regularly? 20-30 posts a month? 5 times a week? 
Or are you the one who actually don't really care about how many times a blog post their contents? 
Are you the kind of blogger who schedule posts ahead of time, OR are you the kind who publish a post instantly after you write it? 
How do you keep up when you're having a reviewer's block or reading slump?

I am sorry if I sound somewhat annoying for asking TOO many questions but truth to be honest, I truly want to know! I like knowing how other people do it, finding balance between blogging and living your real life. Any tips and tricks to keep up with updating a blog regularly will be greatly appreciated! 
*If you're currently having the same problem like me, well... ((HIGH FIVE!)) I know I'm not alone in this, right :P Let's think of the best solution to this problem together!


  1. setelah aku kerja, waktu buat baca dan blogging pun berkurang drastis, dulu aja bisa baca buku sampe 200an, sekarang nyampe 100 aja udah syukur, tingal prioritas kita apa :)

  2. "8-4 schedule everyday"
    Maksudnya sampe 4 MK setiap hariii?
    Gue juga sering heran sama orang yang masih bisa baca dan blogging...
    Sampe sampe gue pernah mikir, kok dia punya waktu lebih banyak ya dripada gue..
    padahal dia termasuknya wanita karier yang sibuk x_x

  3. I've been wondering the same thing, Tirta! I'm in high school and read on the time to and from school (which is roughly 30 minutes together) and on Mondays and Wednesdays I have an hour at school which I can spend at the library. When I get home I usually dedicate and hour or so for reading. As for blogging, I find time after homework or before eating dinner, since I told myself to only study after eating so that I don't stress myself too much. :)

    Aimee @ Read by the Undead

  4. aku biasanya baca malam hari, sebelum tidur. tapi kalo kamu khawatir dengan penampakan mata panda dan lelah pas kamu beraktifitas di kampus, coba deh ambil waktu baca setelah bangun tidur. hehhe.
    aku kadang suka gitu, bangun-bangun malah ngelanjutin baca. haghaghag.

    sedangkan untuk ngeblog, biasanya pagi jam 8-9an gitu. enak kalo jam segitu, masih seger.
    p.s. ini aku itungannya sedang berstatus unemployed ya ta

    eniwei, may you have a spare time (lots, hopefully) to read an blog i between you collage activities. fighting <3

  5. I have an entirely new blogging schedule since a few weeks that seems to work so far. I type, edit and schedule my blog posts during the weekend and stick to visiting other blogs and commenting during the week. When I finish a book during the week, I'll type my review in a Word document and then copy it into a blogpost on the weekend.

  6. My life is fairly boring, so other than my 8 hours of work, I have time to read and blog :) It is hard when I am on vacation, but I normally get a few posts scheduled on Sunday. The scheduling function seriously is a life saver!

    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  7. Honestly I do what feels right. I never read as many books as half the bloggers I see. Some of them have up a review everyday. Just do what you feel is right because once you start pressuring your self to do all these posts blogging won't be fun anymore. Really just do what feels right to you!

  8. Aku baca di mobil dan angkutan umum.. Aku sekali jalan bs sampe 3 jam. Pulang kantor sampe rumah baru internetan buat ngeblog sebentar dan tidur. Jarang baca lagi, kecuali kalo lagi seru-serunya. Tapi sekarang lagi susah sih, lagi sibuk dan kondisi jalan nggak kondusif. Sampe rumah udah tepar. Ahahaha.
    Menurutku sih, kalo emang kamu masih suka baca, pasti akan ketemu waktu yang pas kok. Nggak usah ngoyo baca dan ngeblog banyak-banyak. Go with the flow aja..

  9. Well I usually just read before bed. It doesn't take me too long to read an average sized book (maybe 3 hours-ish) so I can usually finish a book every day/two days. I also read on the bus to and from uni!

    I post three times a week usually, two reviews and one miscellaneous post (book haul, discussion etc) and I do like to schedule my posts quite ahead of time. I actually tend to write the reviews a week or two in advance and then publish them at my leisure. I always have to write my reviews straight after reading the book because my memory is pretty terrible haha. But the thing about my view on blogging is that I'm pretty casual about it. I really don't mind if there are weeks where I don't post- I view it as a hobby rather than a job. And same for my view on other people blogging- it doesn't really matter how often they post as long as what they do post is interesting :)


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