December 31, 2012

Book Kaleidoscope #3: Top Five Best Books of 2012


The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green
Do I really need to say anything about why this book successfuly made into my top five best books of 2012? Heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, and such a tear-jerker, this book is no joke. The conversations was clever, although sometimes too much or too cheesy, yet the world of Hazel and Augustus was so beautiful I can't help but truly envied the love that they had.

Blood Red Road, by Moira Young
Blood Red Road is actually a page-turning book which filled with lots of fun! The Free Hawks was so badass x) But another reason why I love this book is because of the unique writing (with acertain accent of the characters and no quotation mark). Once you go in, you will feel as if you're experiencing the story yourself, along with Jack and Saba. The translated version of BRR by Mizan Publisher was not disappointing, either. :)

Every Day, by David Levithan
A is such a wonderful character. He told a lot, he taught a lot, he gave a lot and he opened up my mind a lot about things in our life. I felt as if I was being showed the world with a new and fresh perspective of him. He's wise, and he doesn't judge. I learnt a lot from him.

The Sea of Tranquility, by Katja Millay
The reason why I choose this book is because I cried TOO MUCH when reading. Seriously. I cried for, like, five minutes non-stop T_T The writing is so beautiful and I feel so much for Nastya & Josh. Also, the turn of events was almost too much to handle. I couldn't stop thinking about the story for two days after reading, so...

Partikel, by Dewi Lestari
There was some controversy going around on Twitter caused by an article some days ago. The article stated that Partikel is one of the books that doesn't deserve to be published this year. I strongly disagree. Partikel filled with a lot of science, myth and yes it's not an easy read, yet Dee somehow succeeded to make the story came out to be fun, moving and really entertaining. Zarah's journey brought us from Bogor to Kalimantan, Africa, Bolivia, England and I discover a lot from the story. Some illustrations given inside was also a plus point. I only hope that us readers won't have to wait for 8 years for the next book! :)

That's my top five books of 2012 in no particular order. What do you think? What's yours?

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December 28, 2012

Book Kaleidoscope #2: Top Five Best Book Covers


I think everyone would agree that book covers plays a really important part to a book. When you go to a bookstore, you most probably picked out a book from its shelf because you were interested in the cover (although the element that interest you may varies: its title, illustration, or the name of the author). Here's my favorite book covers from all of the books that I've read this year (click on the picture to go to its Goodreads page/my review of the book):

Across the Universe, by Beth Revis
The outer space theme is truly amazing in print, for real.

Incarnate, by Jodi Meadows.
One thing: simply breathtaking. Too bad the story isn't as good as the cover, though :|

Kastil Es dan Air Mancur yang Berdansa, by Prisca Primasari
It's true that I bought this book purely because I was encaptured by its cover. Blue, icy, but also sweet. :)

The One that I Want, by Jennifer Echols.
The two models doesn't exactly fit in the descriptions of the two main characters, but alas, the photo is really beautiful. Seems like the photo was taken in Central Park or some place similar to it... And the title was nicely put.

Kukila, by M. Aan Mansyur
The tosca color in the cover is so prettyyyy. I think the cover gives some insight about the stories inside, somewhat mysterious but also tickles our interest to read further. It doesn't put much but captures the feeling well. Simply beautiful

That's my top 5 favorite covers in no particular order. What do you think about the covers? What's your favorite? Tell me :)
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December 27, 2012

Book Kaleidoscope 2012 #1: Top 5 Book Boyfriends

I started 2012 by signing into Goodreads and set 85 books as my 2012 Reading Challenge goal  (then changed it to 100) and was kinda surprised when I passed that goal. In the end, I succeeded reading about 107 books in total (woohoo) :D #ughforgivemeforbraggingIknowitsannoyingbutIcanthelpit

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To be honest, it's extremely difficult for me to pick only five of all the book boyfriends I've met (or read) this year because I tend to love almost all of them! (tee-hee) But after spending some time narrowing down the list, I've finally put these boys as my favorites (in no particular order):

Cricket Bell
from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephenie Perkins

 “So do you believe in second chances?" I bite my lip.
"Second, third, fourth. Whatever it takes. However long it takes. If the person is right," he adds.
"If the person is... Lola?"
This time, he holds my gaze. "Only if the other person is Cricket.”

Cricket is both Lola's neighbor and bestfriend. He's an undergrad at Berkley and a gifted-inventor. One thing I love the most about Cricket is that he truly likes Lola as she is; he never feels ashamed about Lola's weird style or her strange hair color. It was clear that Lola & Cricket really likes each other, too bad Lola already has a boyfriend named Max.

I would say that I prefer Cricket to Etienne St Clair (from Anna and the French Kiss)! I don't know, there's just something about Cricket that really sparks my interests. The chemistry between him and Lola is very palpable. I always imagine Cricket Bell as a cute, tall guy with nerdy glasses that makes him looks totally adorable. My version of Cricket would be between Cameron Mitchell or Andrew Garfield <3

Dexter Jones
from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

  “I just thought to my self, all of a sudden, that we had something in common. A natural chemistry, if you will. And I had a feeling that something big was going to happen. To both of us. That we were, in fact, meant to be together.” 

Of all the Dessen boys, Dexter is the one I love the most (beside Wes from The Truth about Forever). Dexter is a lead singer in a band called The Truth Squad. Spontaneous, outgoing, kinda silly but seems really fun to be with! He's a great boyfriend, too. Dexter has always been honest about his feelings to Remy. Oh, and another thing I found funny of him: Dexter has a dog named Monkey =))

I can't really seem to find any picture or a figure that could fit my version of Dexter so I just put whoever it is lol. The man in the picture above is Arthur Sales.

from Daughter of Smoke and Bones trilogy by Laini Taylor

"Once more his physicality struck her, that he was a flesh-and-blood being, though unlike any
she had ever seen or touched. He was a melding of elements: fire and earth. She would have
thought an angel would have something of air, but he didn’t. He was all substance: powerful
and rugged and real.

Why? First to infinity, because he's Akiva. LOL. If you have read the book then you must also found it impossible not to fall in love with him, y/y? All the descriptions Laini Taylor wrote about him, albeit the imperfections, only made him more and more unresistable (is that even a word...) But really. Akiva's not perfect, he made some big mistakes, but his love for Madrigal/Karou was really powerful and I found it amazing that he dare to dream a world outside the world he's currently in... And he's so hot, anyway :p

That picture above always comes to mind everytime I read about Akiva. The man in the picture above is either Ash Stymest or Cole Mohr... or neither? I can't remember. He's a male model.

Jase Garrett
from My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

“Hey," He says again, sitting down next to me as though he knows me well. “Need rescuing?”

Jason Garrett is all kinds of awesome and very swoon-worthy! He's the book boyfriend I would really liked the most to be real. Jase is a family guy, the third child among eight. The relationship dynamics between his family, the Garretts, are soo lovely that I can't help but to feel envy. Jase is also very sweet to Sam, his girlfriend. This guy has a good manner, kindhearted, a hardworker and an honest person. And he always put other people first before himself. :)

Jase was described to has wavy brown hair, olive skin and green eyes. He likes to fix things and has a lot of reptiles kept in his room (yes, what a strange hobby...). Picture above is of Jake Abel (watch out, he's the Ian O'Shea in the upcoming The Host movie, out in cinemas March 2013)

Josh Bennett
from The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

“Emilia," he says, and when he does, it warms me to my soul. "Every day you save me."

Josh is far from perfect. He's... damaged, and quiet, but has a strong presence to the people around him. He has his own way to cope with loneliness from the absence of a family in his life, by making furnitures made of woods at night. That is also how Josh meets Nastya/Emilia and soon to be involved in a complex relationship with her. I also always love the banters between Josh and Drew, his bestfriend. Their bromance is lovely! :D

I always envisioned Josh as a guy who's wearing wifebeater and holds a piece of wood at night, heheheh. My version of Josh Bennett is a boy with Jack O'Connell-ish face, but with a darker hair and slightly taller figure.


So they're my top five best book boyfriend of 2012! To be honest, I have many other nominees lining up hehehehe. The list included Four/Tobias Eaton from Divergent trilogy, Jack from Blood Red Road (with that sexy accent of him, uhuh), Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars but I scratched him because he's way too cheesy for my liking, A from Every Day and Day from Legend.

Who's your book boyfriend of 2012?