December 28, 2012

Book Kaleidoscope #2: Top Five Best Book Covers


I think everyone would agree that book covers plays a really important part to a book. When you go to a bookstore, you most probably picked out a book from its shelf because you were interested in the cover (although the element that interest you may varies: its title, illustration, or the name of the author). Here's my favorite book covers from all of the books that I've read this year (click on the picture to go to its Goodreads page/my review of the book):

Across the Universe, by Beth Revis
The outer space theme is truly amazing in print, for real.

Incarnate, by Jodi Meadows.
One thing: simply breathtaking. Too bad the story isn't as good as the cover, though :|

Kastil Es dan Air Mancur yang Berdansa, by Prisca Primasari
It's true that I bought this book purely because I was encaptured by its cover. Blue, icy, but also sweet. :)

The One that I Want, by Jennifer Echols.
The two models doesn't exactly fit in the descriptions of the two main characters, but alas, the photo is really beautiful. Seems like the photo was taken in Central Park or some place similar to it... And the title was nicely put.

Kukila, by M. Aan Mansyur
The tosca color in the cover is so prettyyyy. I think the cover gives some insight about the stories inside, somewhat mysterious but also tickles our interest to read further. It doesn't put much but captures the feeling well. Simply beautiful

That's my top 5 favorite covers in no particular order. What do you think about the covers? What's your favorite? Tell me :)
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  1. wih Kukila masuk, paling suka Across the Universe :)

  2. Cover yang pertama itu intriguing... kudu memandang beberapa saat baru sadar itu gambar orang berciuman dengan posisi terbalik :D

  3. Across the universe yg itu bagus ya. Yg sering kuliat sih gak ada siluet orangnya.Jadi kurang menarik

    1. Iya Mbak memang ada beberapa versi cover Across the Universe, favoritku yang ini :)

  4. Covernya bagus-bagus... Aku suka sama yang pertama dan terakhir.. ^^

  5. buku keempat itu, saya nyari2 ebooknya gara-gara covernya

    1. Aku juga waktu itu bacanya versi ebook Mbak, tapi sayang sekarang udah hilang :(


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