July 23, 2013

Ten Words or Topics That Will Make Me Ignore a Book

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You know sometimes when you visit a bookstore or going through books trying to find a new one to read, there's a book that interests you, but after knowing one thing or two about the book, you decided to pass it on and look for another one. Happens a lot, right? I really don't want to sound bitchy by writing all these points, so I apologize if I do, but here is my list of


There were moments when my parents would buy be religion-themed books, but now I just had enough of them...

I would never, ever, ever buy a book where the characters/the characters' parents cheat. I could stand divorce, and I've read books where the MCs were abused as a kid (and ugh aren't they painful to read) but I could never understand cheating, I loathe people who do, and I would never want to own a book where the characters are cheaters.

Words like For Fans Of ___ or The Next ___ annoys me, to be honest. It's like, using other book's names & fame to attract people to read your books. And I'm sure authors won't want their works to always be compared with another books, right? Next publicity tactics, please.

I've had my fair share of reading Twilight, Vampire Academy, Blue Bloods, Shiver, Hush Hush, Wicked Lovely... Basically, books with vampires/werewolfs/fairies/angels and their friends. It's now time to move on :D ((But my dear Akiva, my lovely angel, is an exception. I'm still here, patiently waiting for his finale *wink*))

 I hate Jacob, I hate Julian, I hate everyone who comes in the middle of my lovely, favorite couples. Everytime I find sequels which added new boy to the circle I was like, "UGHHHH" 
But I could not hate Warner :( He's awesome :( Dear Tahereh Mafi, please just let Juliette be with Adam so I can have Warner all for myself, okay?

I'm not talking about those Twilight fanfictions because I've actually read one or two of them *eheheh!* But I'm talking about this trend in my country where many people have published their fanfictions without changing the names. Mostly it's asian fanfiction (where the characters are named after members of Korean boybands...), but there IS actually a fanfiction book (written by an Indonesian) titled Robsten Story where the author blatantly wrote her own version of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's relationship and published it. I don't know whether to laugh or cry whenever I think about this book...

I don't know what's the appeal of using a celebrity's face on the covers of fiction books when s/he isn't even the author of that book, lol. I would never pick up a book like this. Movie tie-in, of course, is a different story....

I once read a book where some guys were pranking another guy (their rival, kind of) by kidnapping his girlfriend in the middle of the night, dunked the girl to a pond and burned her hair. And it was described graphically! I just... Ugh, I nearly puked.
I also can't stand animal abuse :( I cried a bit even by just reading the part where Murphy the dog had been left alone by its previous owner in Second Chance Summer...

Of course we won't know about it unless we read the book first... It's just this naughty habit of mine, checking on the last page of the book before I actually bring it to the cashier :P No matter how awesome a book is, if it's gonna end tragically I'd rather borrow it from a friend or libraries than having it on my own. I live for happy endings!

This one is definite. I would never ever touch a horror or thriller books, mostly because I will be too scared reading them and won't finish the book anyway. I don't watch horror movies, and I also don't read horror books. What can I say, I'm a coward that way............

So... what are your red signs for books? Do our lists have something in common? Share your links and I'll be glad to check yours out! :D


  1. I so agree with "For Fans Of & or The Next" which are in my Top Ten, also the celebrity faces.

  2. I agree with all of them, except the paranormal stuff, love those books:) And yes, Warner is awesome!

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  3. Interesting. No happy ending is a deal breaker for you? Interesting.

    Here's my Top Ten list.

  4. We have pretty similar ideas of no, nos. I'm okay with non-happy endings, but I also like to read books that make me cry.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT!

    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

  5. I agree with 'for fans of' so irritating!! Great list.

  6. I like your list. I wish I had thought to put graphic violence and religion on my list. I almost put love triangles on mine, but sometimes I do like them, as much as they drive me nuts!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. I absolutely loathe love triangles at this point, and mythical creatures are getting a little old for me as well. I'll still pick one up, but only if it comes with a lot of recommendation. Great list!

  8. I definitely agree with you on cheating!

    You can find my TTT here.

  9. I can't stand books about cheating either. It absolutely makes me sick to my stomach.
    And eww, books with a celeb's face on the cover. No thanks, that's a complete turn off for me.

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