May 03, 2014

Adjusting April

Yep. April was a month of accepting and adjusting to the 'new' (but hopefully will only be temporary) situation, as the result of the mini-apocalyptic event that strucked my family in March. It's still a struggle to go through each day, this void that you cannot miss... But we're a little bit stronger and tougher now, so I think we will be okay soon. At least, I hope so. Right, enough with this passive-agressive thing.

In term of college, April was so-so, loads of assignments were given I thought the professors had seriously gone cazy, but I enjoyed each day. We started discussing Jane Eyre in class and I'm pretty excited about it. I love Jane Eyre! Also, presented a book review for Reading class, my friend and I picked 'Every Day' by David Levithan. Felt quite happy to successfully influenced some other friends to read the book :)

Did nothing special last month except for the rituals... And oh, announced the winner of BBI Giveaway Hop! Another giveaway is coming around August, I think, to celebrate the second annivesary of this blog. Whew, two years already?
Only managed to publish 7 posts, well, that was a disappointment... Even for me. I want to try keeping the mood even in the busiest time, and I shall do it. Want to give me advice on managing the blogging mood even when the heart does not feel that way?

In term of reading, I think it went okay. Finished 10 books in April (though two of them are novellas...) read some others but mostly did not finish it (yet). I'm a sucker for juggling and switching between lots of books at once. And the winner of never actually finishing them, HA!

  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. "I am no bird, and no net ensnares me." Amazing deal! Got this for less than $4. After watching the movie (2011 BBC version, starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender) and read the book for the second time, I can officially say that Jane Eyre is my favorite classic. Don't ask me whyyyy, but to be honest, I personally like it much more than Pride and Prejudice.
  • Gilded Ashes by Rosamund Hodge is a novella set in Cruel Beauty world. This time it's a retelling of Cinderella, just a little bit darker and edgier....
  • MY FAVORITE READ OF THE MONTH: Dreams of Gods and Monsters of Laini Taylor. I practically had to remind myself not to flip the pages too fast because I did not want the series to end on me yet. It delivered magnificently. I LOVE THE BOOK! YOU DA GURL, LAINI TAYLOR. I ADORE YOU.
  • Another unnecessary sequel from a beloved book.... Twisted by Emma Chase. You do not need to read it, really, though if you're interested, well, it's still quite fun.
  • Galila by Jessica Huwae, a book I read to join this month's #Posbar. The theme is 'woman'. A quite solid book with long narratives, I found myself liking the title character.
  • Another favorite read this month: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord! I could not believe it was a debut book! So much fun, so loveable, so worth it. Cute romance and beautiful friendship, road trips and touring with a star....
  • In the Bag by Kate Klise. A flash read while commuting to the capital. It was okay... Not disappointing yet not remarkable either.

  • On the Surface by Kate Willoughby. Love it! This author clearly knows a lot about what she writes. Hockey is not a sport that I'm familiar with, and through this book I found a new appreciation towar the game. Also, Ms Willoughby is good at writing a believable male narrator's POV! :)

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All the songs in the album, based on what I heard through the comeback showcase videos are extremely good, I especially love their remake of 'I like you, I like you' YAYYY another comeback season for these 12 boys!

Birdy's Skinny Love and Pharrell's Happy were also two titles that I frequently repeated last month.

By the way, now I finally know why lots of people adore 10 Things I Hate about You. Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger were lovely <3

Excited about The Amazing Spiderman 2! These lovebirds are one of my favorites.

By the way, after seeing my friend sitting her butt watching Man from the Stars for HOURS while giggling like a loony and then cries heavily afterward.... Now I'm kinda curious to watch the famous KDrama. Is there any of you who have watched it? What do you think?

Looking for a book blog primarily focuses on YA books with great discussion posts? Notebook Sisters is definitely one of those. I haven't been following them for that long, but I love their little corner of the internet already. Notebook Sisters is mantained by Cait and Mime.

  • Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort did a truly lovely photoshoot for EW, TFiOS promotional-wise. A little bit too much.... maybe?
  • See the first trailer of Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher. I was amazed by the book, though there will be some big changes in the movie I will still surely watch it!

There are going to be sooo many day-offs in May, so I'm happily expecting this month. Day-off means more time to catch my sleep time.... Yay!

Things I'm excited about:
- EXO's comeback galore

So what about you? How is your reading progress? What are you most expecting on May?

Have fun and read some more,


  1. Nungguin Take Me On ya Tirta? Sama aku juga. Penasaran banget pengen baca cerita West. Tapi lebih penasaran sama ceritanya Abby :))

    1. Aku lupa Abby yg mana masa..... ._. #poorshorttermmemory

  2. Gue udh nonton Do Min Joon ta Haha. Lumayan kok, Bagus. Bikin terharu dan sangat menghibur xD


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