January 25, 2014

Can I or can't I ― 2014 Reading Challenges that I'm taking part in!

Last year I only joined ONE reading challenge and failed miserably. Apparently, I'm too lazy to make reviews of the book and put the links on the link-up page, pshaw. This year I initially vowed myself NOT to join any challenge, but then all these FABULOUS challenges keeps appearing, and lots of it suit into the kind of books I usually read (you know what kind...) and those pretty buttons are too hard to resist! So, in short, let's just say that I finally surrender in no longer keeping my own promise *Hangs head in shame* Hopefully I'll be more consistent this year, hopefully....... *glancing at my second term schedule nervously*

So here are the challenges I decided to take part in.  I compile all of them in this master post and later I will move it to my '2014 Reading Challenges' page (link on the sidebar!)

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Tirta has read 10 books toward her goal of 100 books.

Goodreads Reading Challenge is, by far, my most ambitious one among others simply because the challenge only required us to read a number of books that we set up personally at the beginning of the year. Everyone who own a GR account can participate! This is my third year for the challenge, and I vowed to read 100 books (On 2012 I overachieved my target of 90 books so I added another ten to last year's challenge BUT then I STRUGGLED and almost didn't make it. This year I would like to repeat the goal and see if I can exceed the number!)

No button yet, so I use the common BBI button instead of the challenge button
Yeay, it's BBI's own challenge! It's not a secret anymore that lots of us have a LOT more books that we only read than the ones we actually review. For that, BBI Review Challenge is meant to motivate us to be more diligent in reviewing all the books. I'm setting up to review 25-40 books (That's a big number for me!) for IPR. On another note, BBI also has this monthly event called #PosBar (Posting Bareng). I hope this year I could be able to participate in at least ONE theme of #PosBar every month :) Here's the list of themes that we're going to do in 2014

January: Fable & Books from Secret Santa
February: Indonesian Historical Fiction & Culinary
March: Oprah's Book Club & Poetry
April: Woman & Travel
May: Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2013 & Comedy
June: Asian Literature & Fairy Tales
July: Teen/Family Issues & Sicklit (Sick Literature)
August: Local (Nusantara) & 2014 Debut
September: Silat & Low-rated Books
October: Balai Pustaka & Birth Year
November: Newberry Book List & Numbers

YA my luv, YA my wooorlddddd.... This one should be easy since almost ALL of the books I read are YA! :D The only problem now is to be consistent in posting reviews and enter them into the master post. Young Adult Reading Challenge is a new challenge hosted by Kak Tammy, the owner of Tea Time and Books.

You know I like being sneaky ;) Jasmine from Flip That Page made this particular 2014 Standalone Contemporary challenge and I'm happy because standalones are my favorites! Though I'm also aiming to read lots of series this year, but contemporary standalones will definitely still dominate my books. And I can combine it with the YA Reading Challenge too, so it's a win-win!

I love reading works of authors that are new to me, whether it's a debut OR a book from authors that I've previously heard but never read before. Everytime I read a great debut book I feel as if I'm finding a gem, though sometimes it can also make me feel shitty for not reading their debut work sooner. 2014 Debut Author Challenge is hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren.

This year is going to be a year full of series-enders. Among many of them are Ignite Me and Dreams of Gods and Monsters (two that I'm very excited about!). Other than those two, I would really like to read The Lunar Chronicles, Penryn & The End of Days, The Darkest Mind series, also some others that will have its debut this year, so I decided to raise my hand and join Octavia's 2014 Series Challenge! Based on my own experience last year, though, my record on reading series is NOT that good, so I'll aim for the Silver Badge instead of Gold or Platinum.

So, that's all. Whew, 6 Reading Challenges! Sounds pretty terrifying for me, ha ha. Let's see if I can commit and ACTUALLY complete them all instead of only one (you know... the Goodreads one). Being consistent is one of my weaker traits, it shouldn't be a secret anymore, and these reading challenges, in my opinion, are a good way to fix this bad habit. Moreover, since reading is an activity that I enjoy so much, it should be fun instead of being another burden. Wish me luckkk

How many challenges are you participating this year and what are they? Have fun (with all the challenges) and read some more! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Why am I sensing a little bit of sarcasm there :'') Thank you! lol

  2. So far I only participate in the GReads reading challenge, and my target this year is 20! (Only 20!) last year my target's 55 books and I overreached it into 56 books. I will have my national exams this year (I'm nervous already talking about it) and I think my reading pace is slower than ever. By the way I've added you on goodreads!

    1. Ooooh, this is going to be a SUPER FUN year for you, trust me! Through all the madness that is national exam & college entrance tests I had went through last year, I enjoyed it a lot and I'm always happy to look back at it with a smile. Good luck and have fun, Kalista! =)

  3. Tadinya mau ikut juga YA Reading Challenge.
    Tapi eeeeng, engga dulu deh tahun ini ahahaha :))
    Good luck buat challengenya <3

    1. Thank you niiiiiv, kenapa engga eh?
      I'm not so sure about the prospect of this challenge too tbh but why not? :))

  4. I've joined only 2 reading challenges, (3 if you count Goodreads'), I'm not an ambitious kind of human xD
    Btw, I'm from Malaysia. Hello neighborlies (is dat a word? xD). It's good to know someone closer to home, closer as in 345678904435 km? Idk, haha. You guys have a group for book bloggers from Indonesia? I'm amazed. I wish they were more Malaysian book bloggers, I've only found a handful (less than 5, atm) of them.
    Anyway, happy reading and all the best for your reading challenges! :D

    1. Hi, Farhana! :)
      Good luck for all your reading challenges, too!
      Yes, we do have a group of book bloggers here. It started with only about 4 or 5 people too, at first, but then the number is slowly getting bigger and bigger as years went by. Why don't you start a community for book bloggers in Malaysia on your own, dear? I'm sure your friends won't mind to help and a lot of people will be interested to join :D


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