March 04, 2014

Ten Popular Authors I Have Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish (but I participated only sporadically). This week's topic is to reveal popular authors whose works we've never read before. To be more specific (and because I mainly read from this genre), I decided to cut it down a bit to YA authors only. For further explanation, other awesome entries and upcoming topics, go here.

Alright, alright. I know some of you now are probably like,

But THOSE are the authors whose works I  ACTUALLY, REALLY WANT to read. I swear! I really want to read their books, and there were lots of times where I've almost succumbed to the MEGA hype of their books, but SOMEHOW I just haven't got the right time (or the right mood) to actually sit down and stuck my nose inside their amazing, beautiful, spectacular works. Ha. Excuses, excuses.

Books from this author that I'm interested in: Please Ignore Vera Dietz, Reality Boy, Ask the Pessengers

TWO YA historical fiction books of her are highly praised by, well, almost EVERYONE. So why haven't you read any of them?! Truthfully, I'm a bit scared about the emotional roallercoaster that I'm going to experience when reading her books. Lots of people CRIED reading Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire! I need to prepare myself first!
Books from this author that I'm interested in: Code Name Verity, Rose Under Fire.

Books from this author that I'm interested in: The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves

Marissa Meyer
Okay, hear me, hear me. I actually have read several chapters of Cinder, but at that time it just didn't interest me enough to continue reading them (WHAT). Now that next two books, Scarlet and Cress are out, I really, really, REALLY want to go back to reading Cinder so I can read the next two books and actually understand what people are gushing about! I'm especially curious about Cress because it's a Rapunzel retelling! Do I really need to read the books in order? Can I just skip the first two books? :(
Books from this author that I'm interested in: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress

Markus Zusak
I KNOW, RIGHT. I've practically known almost ALL of the storyline in The Book Thief from the oh-it's-everywhere-on-my-dash Tumblr, and I've recommended the book to a lot of friends, but I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY READ IT! What a hypocrite, Tirta. Right.
Books from this author that I'm interested in: The Book Thief, I am the Messenger

Leigh Bardugo
Reason why I'm still stalling her books: The love triangle. Truth.
Books from this author that I'm interested in: The Grisha series!

Patrick Ness
Book from this author that I'm interested in: More Than This, The Chaos Walking trilogy

Rick Riordan
Books from this author that I'm interested in: The Heroes of Olympus series, The Kane Chronicles series

Rick Yancey
The 5th Wave has been sitting quietly on my wishlist since....... forever, it seems.
Books from this author that I'm interested in: THE 5TH WAVE!

Stephen Chbosky
This is the exception. I know many people WORSHIPPED this fcition but I don't think I will ever want to read Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower, for some unknown reasons. I've watched the movie and I think it was a 'meh'.... a lil bit overrated, even? DON'T THROW SOMETHING AT ME I'm just trying to be honest! Ahahahahaha I'm clearly on the minority side, here.
Books from this author that I'm (not) interested in: Well... The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

SO, which one do you think I should read ASAP? Help me with your opinions! I'm sure lots of you have read the works of these authors above (eh, do we share some on this list?), WHOSE BOOKS I need to make a PRIORITY?

Hit me with your links if you participate in this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic as well so I can visit yours! :)


  1. Aku baru berencana baca yang Rick Yancey. Yang lain, na-da. Belum baca buku bukunya juga ahahah xD

  2. I want to read it Lunar Chronicles too, but I'm waiting until I get Scarlet. I have Cinder on plastic like forever lol. I love The 5th Wave, but I don't really recommend it since not all my friends love this book, they said it was confusing XD
    I don't like The Perks of Being Wallflower too haha you're not alone. I only read the book and I don't like Charlie (not Logan). I like Sam's bro in law more than Charlie. If you want to read it just let me know, I have a copy and I don't think I want keep it.

  3. I am listening to Cinder's audiobook right now it's amazing :)
    My TTT
    Rimsha@Ramblings of a Bookworm

  4. Aww, Tirta! You definitely should read The Perks of Being a Wallflower! *throws cupcakes* Haha, the film worked out really well for me though. I think the Chbosky's beautiful prose will hook you as well. <3 And Rick Riordan's books are so much fun. :) Thank you for sharing with us! Hopefully you'll read one of those books soon! :)

  5. I have Maggie Stiefvater on my list too. I hope to get around to her books soon.

  6. So many good ones on your list! You have lots of reading to do ;)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  7. You most definitely HAVE to read the first two books in the Lunar Chronicles series before reading the third book! Or at least read summaries or something, because otherwise you won't understand what's happening!
    OMG YOU HAVEN'T READ ANYTHING BY RICK RIORDAN?! YOU MUST. *throws a copy of The Lightning Thief at you* READ ITTT

  8. I highly recommend you the Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus series. I'm a fan of Riordan (especially Heroes of Olympus, I guess you know about it) and if you like fantasies, you should've love his books.

  9. Baaaah, baru baca rick yancey doang xDDDDDD


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