April 02, 2014

Mournful March...

March started out okay for my family, but then in the last two weeks, things went awry. It was so out of hand. This problem that we're currently having was totally unexpected, so we had quite a hard time accepting it. We're still adapting with the new situation while still hoping that everything will get back to normal in the near future. *crossing fingers!* This occurence, unfortunately, had affected my reading and blogging time last month. I only managed to finish 8 books and posted 9 posts at IPR (It still exceedsthe monthly minimum number that I set up as this year's blogging goal, but still...)

  • Bidadari Santa Monica by Alexandra Leirissa Yunadi, a Metropop from one of my favorite local authors. Not flawless, but I enjoyed it! Read my review of the book here
  • What I Thought was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick. MY FAVORITE READ OF THE MONTH. I loved My Life Next Door so much and this second book from Ms Fitzpatrick has officially sealed her status as one of the many contemporary YA authors that I love. Cassidy & Gwen <3
  • The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski. Last book from March. There is such a big hype regarding this book, and I liked it (lovely romance, nice worldbuilding), but not as much as I hoped I would. Maybe because the book is told from third POV? I had quite a hard time 'connecting' my self with Kestrel.
  • Hothouse Flower by Krista and Becca Ritchie. NA. I should've listened to what everyone said, 'read the previous books first'.... The story was enjoyable with well-fleshed out characters, but it didn't left much impression.
  • The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. Got this book for only $1,7! Anddd I was satisfied because the story didn't end with tears running down my face. I love, looove happy ending.
  • Dunia Mara by Sitta Karina. I'm sorry, but it seems like Sitta's good days are over? This one was so disappointing I couldn't believe it comes from the same author who wrote such masterpieces like Lukisan Hujan and Pesan dari Bintang.

John Legend's All of Me has been ringing in my head too much I get dizzy whenever I listen to it now (HA! Kidding. See what I did there...) Also, One Republic's Counting Stars.

If you remember, YESH I watched Divergent (TWICE) and talked about it in the blog last week. Such a satisfying adaptation. I'm still starstrucked on Theo James.

Not a movie, but My Mad Fat Diary is my newest addiction from March. It's a british TV series starring Sharon Rooney and (God's gift to girls!) Nico effin-HOT Mirallegro. The plot revolves around some big issues that are still relatable even for now (body image, suicide, dysfunctional family, sexual orientation, things like that...) I can't begin to tell you how PERFECT and impeccable this show is. British teens in the 90s, gorgeous landscapes, excellent music, super touching story, friendship, laughters, romance.... all in one.

I've been an audience of The Reader's Den as long as I've been having IPR. Jasprit and Rachel's blog were one of the very first blogs that I follow. I love their honest and convincing reviews. The Reader's Den covers quite a lot of book types (YA, NA, adult, fantasy, contemporary, paranormal..) If The Reader's Den loves a book, there's a big chance that I will love the book too. :)

I can't believe we're on the fourth month of the year again. Just, please take care of the things that March had brought my family into, ya hear me, April? This week is my midterm tests week, fingers crossed (again!) that the result will be satisfying. Also, I'm so stoked for Laini Taylor's finale, Dreams of God and Monsters, EEEEEK


Other exciting things....

  • Festival GPU 40th at JCC Senayan, April 2nd - 6th. Lots of bookish events and bazaar! More information about the celebration: http://GPU40th.tumblr.com
  • Blogger Buku Indonesia's Third Anniversary on April 13th. The giveaway hop is still ongoing on IPR until April 11th, if you haven't joined it yet, well what are you waiting for? And don't forget to be on the lookout for a guest post from Books to Share next week, it's also part of the anniversary celebration. :)
  • Another EXO comeback?  Are they going for 'vampire' or are they going for 'opera' concept?AHHHHH I'MSONOTREADYBUTI'MALSOVERYVERYEXCITEDABOUTTHIS

What's your best read from March? What are you most excited about in April?

See you on another monthly recap! Meanwhile, have fun and read some more! :)


  1. What a wonderful month! Conrats, Tirta. I'm envy. Great post, btw.

    1. Not exactly wonderful but well, thank you, mas Ijul. :)

  2. hopefully things will be ok for you.

    I recently read Slammed by Colleen Hoover and I really like it, so I think I will try Maybe Someday :)

    1. Thanks, mas. :)
      If you enjoyed Slammed there's a big chance you will love Maybe Someday

  3. aku baru mau mulai baca Daughter of Smoke & Bone, semoga aja berjodoh :D

    1. Semoga ya kak, romance-nya agak slowburn tapi tetep banyak kok :)

  4. I hope April will be a better month for your family and reading life!
    I still haven't watched Divergent LOL, I lose my interest though I'm still curious to see Caleb XD

    1. I hope so, too! Thanks, kak :')
      Why Ansel Elgort? Is it because he's gonna play Gus on the TFiOS movie? ;)

  5. Sorry to hear about what happened, I hope things get better for you and your family soon!

    But still, what a great month! I just checked out your Divergent movie review and it looked awesome.


  6. Aww.. don't be too hard on yourself. I am sorry you have to face a difficult situation, I hope things will get better soon :)

  7. Hope everything will start to loose off and be okay! <3

    OMG OMG OMG OMG and did I just say OMG??????? MMFD AND EXO. I love them both!! I really think we CAN GET ALONG SO EASILY EEEEEEP. Nico Mirallegro IS really God's gift to girls. LMAO I cried on the last episode of season 2; everything is just so sfsdjgdfg;fdgdf Love love love the gang <33 Ahhh totally changed my life ;u;

    EXO having another comeback. I am so excited, but I am not ready. Especially that their concept brings chills...White vs. Black. Angels vs. Demons? Intense passion??//?// MY BODY IS (NOT) REAAADY.

    Too much fanigirling! I am sorry, can't help it! ;) I hope you have a wonderful month ahead <33

    1. Thank you, Abby! <3
      You don't know how happy I am to know that you also love BOTH EXO and MMFD! Gah. I have only watched season 2 up to episode 2, but my heart is already a mess by what happened. (NOOOO PLS I SHIP RINN SO MUCH pls tell me they're going to be okay?!)
      And EXO. AHHHHH who's your bias? Mine is Baekhyun and his teaser just came out today and OMG I can't stop looking at it! I want them to present another powerful hit song like Growl (luv luv LUVVVV them so much in Growl era!) but based on the teasers I think there might be a ballad too.... AH CANNOT WAIT. XD

  8. I am so freakishly excited for Maze Runner when I read Dylan O'Brien was in it. How did I miss that awesome information for so long??! GAH. Be still my fangirling heart. And Divergent...ohhhh. I so badly want to see it. x) I'd love to read The Winner's Curse, too! It looks epic and so far the reviews I've read, it's living up to the hype! yesss.
    Thanks for stopping by Notebook Sisters!


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